Our story, the history of a house in which the legendary Gogu Constantinescu lived, information about the events or rooms we offer – all these are in one place: on the new website of the Golden House hotel. And in the blog section we will tell you more about it leisurely, as we like it.

And although we love the vintage style and are fond of beautiful stories and ancient stories, we like to keep up with modernity when it comes to means of communication. And from now on we have a website that you can easily access, from your smart phone, tablet, desktop or laptop. We can say, as of now, that we are fully aligned with modern norms.

We invite you to keep an eye on the news section, the place where we will present more details about the corporate or personal events we organize. At the same time, here we will announce offers for the accommodation or the services we offer you.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form we have prepared for you with confidence and write us by using our email address. And if you want to meet us offline or if you want to convince yourself how hospitable our team is, we invite you to cross our threshold.

This way you will convince yourself that we are fine people, with respect for good-natured people, like you. That being said, dear reader, we look forward to seeing you! Both online and offline!